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At McDonalds Computer Service you'll recieve support from well trained Technicians. Ralph and Russ can tackle any problem you have with your computer. From minor repairs, viruses, data recovery and replacement of equipment. McDonalds Computer Service can do everything from the ground up on Office and SOHO networks. Call or come by to visit at 111 South Summit St in downtown Arkanas City.
McDonalds Computer Service
McDonalds Computer ServiceWednesday, January 23rd, 2019 at 1:50am
As a small business, how do you best protect your data? Do you have a server with multiple drives? Do you back up to an external drive or flash drive? Do you back it up to the cloud? What solution makes the most sense for your data? If you need help figuring these questions out, give us a call at 620-442-5091 or stop by and visit us at 111 South Summit in Down Town Arkansas City. After all, how valuable is that data to you?
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McDonalds Computer Service
McDonalds Computer ServiceTuesday, January 22nd, 2019 at 1:54am
In todays working world, we use computers. In fact the majority of us use computers on a daily basis and for most of the day. Here are some tips to help reduce your physical strain by the end of your work day.

Blink. As we work through our day, staring at a computer screen medical professionals are finding that we blink less, there by not keeping our eyes moist enough. Blinking helps to moisten the eye. Dry eyes lead to rubbing and other none healthy behaviors. So Blink!

Take a second to look away. We strain our eyes staring at the same focal point for long periods as well. Look up, look out the window, look at something else, if only for a moment to help relax your eyes.

Adjust the brightness on your monitor, too bright is just as bad as too dark. Ensure you have proper lighting.

Adjust your seating so that your eyes are mid level on the screen. Craning your neck up or down so you can see what's there is going to create back and neck muscle strain.

Lastly, move. Get up and move, this will help with increased blood flow as well as change a sedentary habit.

At McDonalds Computer Service, we aren't just here to help you get your tech in good working order, we want to see you stay in good working order as well.
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McDonalds Computer Service
McDonalds Computer ServiceTuesday, January 15th, 2019 at 1:29am
Why does my computer keep getting slower and slower?

This is the biggest question people ask themselves. The most popular answer is "It's getting old and worn out." is not the correct answer. Computer parts when they fail do make a a computer slower, but its more of a sudden slowness not a gradual one. The next popular answer is "Because of all these Windows Updates". While this does make your computer slower over time, we are talking years not weeks or months. So what's really causing your computer to slow down?

Generally it's caused by two things, and often its a combination of both. An internet security package (pick a brand any brand) and or lack of routine maintenance. Most Internet Security packages are an overlay of the operating system basically making it work harder and are at high risk of breaking and causing Windows itself to break. We always recommend just using an AV Softare package such as Panda or Microsoft Security Essentials. The other issue is a lack of routine maintenance.

We change the oil in our cars to make sure they perform well. Keep them lubricated so the parts move easily. Maintenance on the computer does something similar, it removes the "gunk" under the hood that accumlates as we use our computers and ensures that all the parts of the OS are functioning properly. Think of it as getting all the fluids checked on your car when you get the oil changed.

At McDonalds Computer Service we recommend regular tune ups, done annually, to ensure that your computer continues to run in tip top shape. Cant' having it slow down as your chasing some alien battle crusier in your game or possibly pausing your show while your watching Netflix so it can buffer. Bring your computer in for a tune up at McDonalds Computer Service and get back out there protecting the universe!
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McDonalds Computer Service
McDonalds Computer ServiceFriday, January 11th, 2019 at 1:32am
Don't forget to join the PC Doctor on KSOK 95.9FM at 9:15am. Every show has useful information. Today we'll be talking about Windows 7 and it's future.
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McDonalds Computer Service
McDonalds Computer ServiceThursday, January 10th, 2019 at 4:23am
So, you have a Windows 7 computer and Microsoft has just announced that on January 14th, 2020 they will EoL or End of Life that product. First, what does that even mean, End of Life? Is my computer just going to shut off and no longer work? What do I need to do next and is this important? All of these questions get asked here at McDonalds Computer Service every day by customers just trying to figure out what’s going on.

So lets start with what EoL means. End of Life is when Microsoft, or any software manufacturer, decides it no longer will provide updates, support or releases for that product. They take the staff support that was being utilized for that product and move it to more recent products. This is a routine process and happens a lot more frequently that people realize. It’s just more pronounced when it’s an operating system.

As far as your computer shutting off or no longer working, that won’t happen because of this. At least not at first. On January 14th, 2020 you will turn on your computer and not much will have changed at all, other than you wont’ get windows updates. As software developers stop making things work with Windows 7, you’ll find you have less choices for new software on your computer until finally, what you have is what you have. An example of this is Internet Explorer, which ceased back at Version 11 and is not getting any new updates. That’s why Windows 8 and above have Microsoft Edge, a totally different browser.

So why did all this happen, what makes it important and what to do next? In order for us to have greater functionality and ability in the Windows Operating System, Microsoft needs to stop tying it’s hands by connecting it backwards. With he Windows 10 OS and the modular functionality it has, it has the ability to move forward for a good long while. The next step is to find out of you need to upgrade your existing PC or replace it with a new one. Generally speaking, and I use that term broadly, it is better to replace a system than to upgrade it, unless the system was designed for Windows 10 to begin with. One of the things Microsoft has done is make it so that older hardware, while working with Windows 10, doesn’t work well with Windows 10. Sort of like putting square tires on a car. You can drive it, but man it’s gonna be rough.

AT the end of the day, if things are confusing and you aren’t sure what to do, give us a call, stop by and visit, or shoot us a direct message. We are here for you to help you and guide you. We may ask a ton of questions, but in the end, you can be sure we are doing everything possible to get you what you need as fast as we can.
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